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As a Social Housing Landlord, Reliance values the rights of all of our tenants. We work in partnership with managing agents who manage the properties on our behalf in respect of providing your accommodation and support as well as addressing repairs and maintenance within your home. 

Your Licence Agreement 

Before you move into your accommodation you will be provided with a Licence or Tenancy Agreement that sets out your rights and responsibilities as a tenant as well as our rights and responsibilities as your landlord. 

Your support 

Your accommodation is provided with support. It is a requirement of your licence agreement that you access the support that is provided.

You and your support worker will create a person centred support plan based on the outcomes you wish to achieve and this will form part of your weekly support sessions.

The aim of the support is to work with you towards the outcomes you want to achieve and what steps and support you need to achieve your goals.

Our responsibilities

As your Landlord, we have a responsibility to ensure your accommodation is compliant with regulatory Health and Safety standards.

This means that we are obligated by law to carry out regular inspections and ensure that the accommodation is safe and habitable.

Each property will have a Notice Board where you will find important information and contact numbers to report any repairs as well as who to contact in an emergency. 

Protecting your data

Reliance Social Housing is commited to protecting your personal data and adhere to the strict guidelines as set out in General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) legislation. More information about how we process, store and share your data can be found in your tenant welcome pack.

Anti-social behaviour

All tenants have a right to live peacefully within their accommodation without fear of intimidation or harm.

Reliance Social Housing takes anti social behaviour seriously and expect our tenants to respect both their home and the community they are part of. 

Our Community Liaison officers work closely with external agencies and are on hand to address any incidents of anti -social behaviour and provide support to mitigate any concerns.

Types of antisocial behaviour may include:

  • Harassment

  • Damage to property

  • Noise disturbance

  You can report antisocial behaviour by contacting us on 0800 1700 305 or by completing our online form.

Your right to complain

Reliance Social Housing strives to continuously improve our standards and service provision.

We welcome tenant participation and encourage feedback relating to your accommodation and support and encourage all tenants to understand their rights as defined in the local government Charter of Rights.

Should you have any concerns, in the first instance you should speak to your support worker. 

If you are not satisfied with their response, or, the complaint relates to your support worker or managing agent, then please contact Reliance Social Housing on 0800 1700 035 or, you can email us here.

If you would like to submit your complaint or feedback using our online form, please click here.

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