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About Us

Reliance Social Housing CIC became a not for profit organisation in 2018 and provides social housing to those most in need. We are regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing to ensure we are compliant with, and meeting our responsibilities as a social housing landlord.

We work in partnership with managing agents to provide accommodation with support to homeless individuals who fall under the definition of multiple disadvantaged. Within our portfolio, we provide specialist services for refugees, substance rehabilitation and survivors of domestic violence.

We believe that nobody should have to experience homelessness and are committed to reducing the numbers of people experiencing the effects of the housing crisis.

Since it’s conception, Reliance is proud to have been able to have supported over 10,000 people into accommodation who would otherwise have faced street homelessness. ​


To actively contribute towards reducing homelessness within our communities by providing individuals with the start they need on their journey towards becoming more independent.


Understanding the impact homelessness has on the individual and the wider community by providing them with the resources and opportunities to break the cycle of homelessness. 
Leading on and implementing change to ensure our services meet the ever-changing needs of those accessing our services.
Ethical Integrity
Effective governance and robust systems that evidence transparency of how public funds are reinvested back into the community.
Responsible and transparent in the services we provide and recognising where we can improve on our current practices.


Our Departments

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